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In a world where extreme violence is commonplace humanity has desperately tried to create a sense of security and comfort in a post-nuclear Earth. However, like many things, those on a quest to do good soon found themselves thrown into an uncanny situation that give a whole new kind of meaning to the phrase "Kill you with Kindness."

A game my team and I made for the Yogscast Game Jam!

Our Team :
DarkianMaker  -  Programming and Lead Level Designer
SonikBuster  -  Soundtrack, Video, and 2D Art
Afiq "Mutasionisis" Yusof  -  3D Modeling
MerleyMonster  -  Assistant Level Designer
Alexzen  -  Audio Middleware Engineering [That, sadly, we didn't have time to implement.]

Install instructions

Just unzip the files and play


Borderline AAAAH.rar 79 MB

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